Gonna see how making a few posts goes. I may keep up but probably not, but I got this site up so what the hell.
Used to have a sprawling website that you could dig around and find goodies (haha and lots of broken links). it was a Glorious Obsolete Pig of a site that didn’t work well on Mobile and had all kinds of schematics and tutorials and previously released but currently unavailable modules and designs.

But about a year ago I changed Animodule.com to a sleek mobile friendly store (with lots of help from my talented brother). It’s a great site, but i miss having a place to stretch out and dig around.

Hopefully I can post some schematics and code and make a few modules in the AniModule Lineup a little more accessible and open source.

Might as well see if i can keep some kind of a blog going as well. We’ll see.