Schematics / Code

Posting a few module infos up here.

There’s been a few AniModule has released with code on them and I wanted to make it available for those more skilled than myself (or just with an inclination for tinklering) to play with but haven’t had the time / attention span / site to do so.

Most of the code you can copy/paste right in to your Aduino IDE and upload via an ICSP (on most modules) or at least pull the IC and use an Arduino as a programmer.

Also, most of the code uses Paul Stoffregen’s digitalWriteFast Library :

To get it to compile properly (on my Windows 7 and Windows XP PC) I had to change the first line in the digitalWriteFast.H Header File from:

#include “WProgram.h”


#include “Arduino.h”

If that doesn’t work for you just google around a bit, maybe you’re using a different OS and it requires a different change?

I’d love to see what you’re doing with the code and Modules! Please register and post up in the comments if you come up with anything cool!