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M1xXOR Schematics Posted

Slipped in the M1xXOR schematics for those with an inclination toward tinkering. M1xXOR

Cool Mod on the TrAniModule, Cleans Speaker Out and more?

Haha had a feeling if I tinkered with the TrAniModule I could increase performance. I was hoping that I could Clean up the Speaker Out AND Increase output… so far I only managed to clean up the Speaker Out. I disconnected the IRF510 transistor leg from Ground and connected it to -12V via a 48… Read more »

Aluminum Cutoff Kalimba and Contact Mics

Just fiddling around with some aluminum off-cuts from milling front panels. Screwed them in to a piece of plywood and attached a few contact mics with some doublesided tape. Run the contact mics in to an Inverting Mixer / Amplifier OpAmp Configuration. The Input resistors are 1M and the Negative Feedback resistors are 4.7M. That… Read more »

Got the Code up for the M1xXOR :)

I’m excited to offer the code for the AniModudle M1xXOR Been awhile since I could post jumbled up DIY infos!


Gonna see how making a few posts goes. I may keep up but probably not, but I got this site up so what the hell. Used to have a sprawling website that you could dig around and find goodies (haha and lots of broken links). it was a Glorious Obsolete Pig of a site that… Read more »