Cool Mod on the TrAniModule, Cleans Speaker Out and more?

Haha had a feeling if I tinkered with the TrAniModule I could increase performance.
I was hoping that I could Clean up the Speaker Out AND Increase output… so far I only managed to clean up the Speaker Out.
I disconnected the IRF510 transistor leg from Ground and connected it to -12V via a 48 Ohm 5 Watt resistor.

I need to home in on the bias trim, but my gut is telling me it might be alright if I connect the 1 Meg resistor to Ground because i have a 100K trimmer attached to -12V and the junction after the 47 Ohm 5 Watt resistor connected to the +12V rail and the scope is showing a Nice triangle wave when it’s around center.

Seems to be the same if I connect Speaker Ground to Ground OR -12V. gotta tinker with that.

I think that buys me a few Volts of Headroom, so I’ll be able to boost the Volume AND still get a Much cleaner signal. There is a suitable OpAmp stage that won’t affect the Mix Out or the Line Out. It’s right before the Transistor Out stage 🙂

Maybe this’ll give me some incentive to get the TrAniModule infos up here and give it a Mods page!

    *Update 12/24/15

So far the mod has not increased the output. It cleaned up the Out by halving it. You can achieve the same thing by turning the Master Gain down about halfway on the circuit as it is.
Tried Increasing the Gain on the last OpAmp Output stage and just got the same distortion that it already has when you drive the Master Out at approximately the same volumes.
Oh well. Back to the drawing Board.